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In Singapore, lottery games are conducted by Singapore Pools. This is the only legal lottery operator in the country. There are a number of different games you can play with this lottery. You can read more about the game on the Lottery Singapore website. You can also check the results and buy a ticket online.

Purchasing a lottery online has several benefits. First of all, it allows you to purchase your tickets any time, from wherever you are. This eliminates the inconvenience of standing in line at the lottery counter. It also saves you time and money, as the online lottery service is available round the clock. The online lottery website is easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface.

Since the Lottery Singapore uses a central lottery system, it needs to support a significant number of daily transactions. The IGT Aurora lottery platform offers the reliability and flexibility that it needs to meet the growing demands of the gaming industry. The Aurora Navigator provides a single platform for all lottery applications, while the Aurora Data Connector enables plug-and-play data integration. The Aurora Anywhere gateway provides a secure connection to external applications and the core lottery system.

In Singapore, participants choose four digital lottery numbers and place either a large or a modest bet. They must then match the numbers on the screen to win a prize. In total, winnings for the 4D lottery range from one to five thousand dollars.