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Lottery Singapore offers several different games, including Toto, which has a top jackpot prize of $2 million. To play Toto, players must match three to six of the winning numbers and a bonus number. Tickets for Toto are available in participating outlets or online. The Toto game is also available at major casinos in Singapore.

You can visit the official website of Lottery Singapore to find the latest results and general rules. You can also register for email notifications. The website also offers links to physical lottery outlets and mobile applications. There is also a Lottery Singapore app. The official website also offers information on past draws and how to enter.

Purchasing tickets for lottery games online is a popular pastime for millions of people. It is faster, more convenient, and cheaper than visiting local retailers. You can even access international lotteries online. The convenience and safety of buying tickets online make online lotteries a great choice for lottery enthusiasts. Plus, they offer better odds and prices than traditional retailers.

Lottery Singapore has a number of different games for players to choose from. The most popular game is 4-Digits, but the second most popular is Toto, where players choose seven numbers between one and 49. Toto draws take place daily at 6:30 PM and at 9:30 PM, and there is also a cascade draw.