Lottery Singapore – How to Play Toto

Lottery Singapore

Whether you win or lose, Lottery Singapore is a fun way to pass the time. The Singapore Pools offer a variety of lottery games, including 4-D, Big Sweep and Toto, which are all easy to play.

Toto (pronounced to-too) is one of the most popular lottery games in Singapore. Players choose six numbers from 1 to 49, and prizes can be won if the numbers match any three or more of the corresponding sets.

The game’s jackpot starts at S$1 million, but can increase dramatically if you win four consecutive draws. There are also seven prize tiers to choose from, ranging from fixed amounts to percentages of the total prize pool.

What are the odds of winning a Singapore Toto jackpot?

The odds of winning a Toto jackpot are slightly better than US Powerball or Eurojackpot, though they still don’t compare to some of the largest lotteries. The odds of winning the first prize are one in 13,983,816 and the overall odds of winning any of the seven tier prizes are 1 in 54.

How do I get a Singapore Toto ticket?

The easiest way to play Singapore Toto is through the official website of lottery operator Singapore Pools. You can register for an account and buy tickets online if you’re living in Singapore or visiting.

If you’re outside of the country, the best way to play Singapore Toto is to visit a Singapore Pools outlet and purchase a ticket there. They’ll be able to help you make your decision and even explain the rules in person.